Sara Barnes


Formerly a Senior Designer with both a boutique interior architecture firm and a large corporate firm, Sara’s design leadership and dedication to question the status quo has consistently led to happy clients with spaces that are functional, beautiful, and unique.

Sara’s design philosophy centers on how people interact with space. The interweaving of people, environment, and product has vast implications for our daily lives. Sara believes that the design process starts with learning to uncover how we can design to best support each individual client.

In her free time, Sara advocates for stronger communities by volunteering as a math tutor for a local non-profit, serving as a board member for a human-trafficking prevention organization, and also running an education platform for ethically-made fashion.

Sara holds a Master’s in Interior Architecture and Product Design from Kansas State University. Her food vice is Sonic corn dogs, which unfortunately does not pair well with her vegetarian diet.

Andrew Barnes


Andrew always knew he wanted to be an architect. He was drawing floorplans as far back as the first grade. The obsession never subsided, so he continued his journey at Kansas State University, completing his Master of Architecture degree. Since graduation, he has taught in the architecture programs at K-State and The University of Texas at Arlington. Time spent at a large international retail design firm as well as a local boutique firm has formed the foundation of Andrew’s professional experience. Andrew launched Agent Architecture in May of 2017.

A Dallas resident and transplant from Kansas City, Andrew has advocated for a more human-centered environment in urban Dallas since he landed in Deep Ellum in 2011. In addition to his architectural work, he does this through writing (Texas Architect, Architect’s Newspaper), teaching, involvement in local neighborhood organizations and efforts (including Reimagine Crowdus), and leadership roles in AIA and ULI.

Andrew enjoys a good sandwich and will often watch sci-fi (especially Star Trek) in his free time.