We believe in being upfront with our clients. We will not sugar coat anything in the hope that you will hire us. We want to create the most transparent process possible so there are no surprises as we move through the design and construction process.


The building we’ll be designing will be built with your money, so we endeavor to deliver the greatest value while always being conscious of your budget. It is easy to design a great building with an unlimited budget, but we believe true skill is shown when thoughtful design can be delivered economically.  Of course, if you have a large budget, we can work with that too.


All buildings are, or should be, a response to their location. A building’s site and context impart it with that which makes it completely unique.  We strive to immerse ourselves in the context, creating a finished work that is truly grounded in its location.  It is also more than a response to a physical environment, the societal context is of equal importance. When a building does not help create positive momentum in its community, we believe it has failed.


All great concepts should be carried down to the most detailed level.  Agent strives to create buildings where everything, down to the door handles and cabinet hardware, is in support of the overall goal and concept of the project.


Agent devotes a portion of its billable hours to non-profit and pro-bono work, benefiting the local community. We believe designers of the built environment must be invested and active in their communities. Agent’s designers are also active in volunteer efforts outside of the office.


We don’t do something simply because that’s the way it has always been done. We’re committed to investigating each problem to propose appropriate and thoughtful solutions.